Standing seam roof

Standing seam roof

Seam roof - a progressive form of pitched roof. Seam roof has mounting system, providing excellent, almost complete sealing of roofing. Rib seam coatings provide additional rigidity to the roof.

Seam roof (pictures) are made of a metal roll material: steel, copper, zinc-titanium.

The main advantages of standing seam roof

  • light weight, and as a result save on the frame of the roof (rafters, purlins);
  • durability. The service life of more than 50 years;
  • the ease and speed of installation;
  • anti-corrosion and fire;
  • large selection of colors.

There are three types of paintings rebate: Radius, cone and cone-radiused. Here are distinct advantages seam roof depending on the material of manufacture:

Paintings from the polymer-coated steel: excellent insulation of the roof, soft and elastic elements in the installation and maintenance of a large number of colors and types of surfaces.

Aluminum seamed paintings: reliability, durability, non-corrosive, high strength coating.

Zinc-titanium paintings: durability of operation: a service life of over 100 years. Panel color is uniform over the entire area of the roof covering. This type of seam roof does not need to be painted and maintain.

Copper standing seam roof: the simplicity and ease of installation, low enough cost of material and high aesthetics.

The lack of through-holes, hidden fasteners and reliable locking in all kinds of seam roof completely exclude the possibility of leakage of the roof!

Specialists of "Vector" and in time will make the device work on the standing seam roof of any kind in accordance with the wishes of the customer.