Flat roofs

In carrying out roofing on flat roofs, in most cases, as a waterproofing carpet used surfaced material or membrane.

Our company, in addition to the quality of the flat roof of the device surfaced roofing membranes and makes installation of the base of the sheeting, parapets, and carries the device discharges, provides other related construction work and services.

LLC "Construction and Production Company Vector" invites all interested parties to cooperate.

Types of coatings for flat roofs

Type of coating flat roof surfaces, roofs can be divided into two main groups: surfaced and membrane roofing.

Surfaced flat

In accordance with the structure of the web, surfaced flat is divided into: single and polyvalent and baseless.

Depending on the protective layer of roofing materials of this type are streusel with film or foil. Roofing materials component of the coating composition can be divided into the polymer, bitumen and bitumen-polymer.

Membrane flat

In accordance with the manufacturer's technical solutions membranes, there are three types of roofing systems: traditional mechanical fixture roofing, roof ballast and inversion operated roof.

All roofing work on the device flat roof company "Vector" made ​​in accordance with GOST, SNIP (construction norms and rules), manufacturers of materials, including maps and wishes of the customer. You only need to call us!

Fusing roofing

Fusing roofing

We all remember the smoldering roof for the repair of the roof and the heavy smell of molten bitumen :). Most recently, for waterproofing roofs used hot bitumen mastic coating and roofing material.

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Membrane roofing

Membrane roofing

Membrane roofing - the most advanced to date view of the roofing. Roofing membrane technology provides a seamless installation of roof.

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