Our company was founded in January 2001. We provide services in the construction of industrial buildings and structures, as well as the construction of residential properties. To date, the main activities of the company are in roofing.

In 2011, we opened a production for the manufacture of "rebate pictures" for the device pitched roof, established a line of roof and facade of additional elements with the power to issue 6,000 square meters of products per month.


  • Device pitched roof

Depending on the project and the client's wishes, the regeneration of the pitched roof by the company as a base support structure used steel metal, formed shapes from sheet steel, or thermo wood.

As the outer layer of roofing hips we use popular building materials: tiles (natural, flexible polymer and metal), bitumen corrugated sheets and slates, roofing steel and corrugated, folded roof.

Roof insulation, installation of drainage systems, installation of snow retention and safety elements of the roof, the roof overhangs filing, installation of roof windows in accordance with defined and approved by the project. In recent years, experts "CPC Vector" were carried out the construction work of several beskonkovyh pitched roof, dome, tent and vaulted roofs.

  • Device flat roof

If the device flat roof waterproofing carpet as our company uses PVC membrane. In accordance with the technical solutions developed by the manufacturer of the membrane, experts "CPC Vector" work carried out by the execution of three kinds of roofing systems:

  1. traditional mechanical fixture roof;
  2. ballast roof;
  3. inversion operated roof.

Also, employees produce different: mounting base roof of corrugated board, assembly cover skylights, construction parapets, drains and other related construction and installation work.

Facade work

The company produces "CPC Vector" facade work and specializes in device, the following types of facades:

  • ventilated facades with different coating materials: metal siding, decking, facade cassettes, granite, fiber cement boards, composite panels; /
  • facades with thin-layer plaster so-called "wet-type";
  • walls of sandwich panels piecemeal assembly and prefabrication.


Production of covering elements and products of galvanized steel:

On the basis of its own production specialists produce "pictures" for the device self-locking seam roof with standing seam and other roof elements from galvanized steel with thickness up to 1.2 mm. with polymer coating and without it.

Some of these products include a variety of roofing and facade additional elements: corners, skating, plum and slopes.

Hi-tech equipment and modern organization of the manufacturing process allows us to produce about 6000 m 2 of products per month.

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