The main activity of the company's "Vector" are working on the production and installation of the roof of industrial and residential buildings.

Roofing and colloquially everyman "roof repair" or "to cover the roof" - this is a very demanding job, because the roof is one of the three most important elements of the project under construction, along with the foundation and walls of the building.

Therefore, "to cover the roof," it is important to high-quality materials, and entrust the roofing is necessary only to professionals.

The roof must be reliable, safe and durable, also have attractive views.

Our company specializes in roofing of two types: flat and pitched roofs.

Depending on the type of roof, we use different materials, and the principles of their installation, they are made, or other roofing apply different stacking technology and thus equipment and tools. Hence, the prices add up roofing work.

Our roofs do not leak

Recall the construction classification of roofs:

"Flat" - with an acceptable surface angle < 15°

"Pitched" - with an acceptable surface angle > 15°

Flat roofs  is also called "exploited", due to the fact that this design allows you to place on its surface an additional small structures, facilities and equipment. Most often, the device flat roofs operated resort in the construction of industrial buildings and apartment blocks. Roofing in this case carried out usually with the use of the membrane and deposited materials.

Pitched roof usually arranged in private residential facilities: low-rise homes, cottages and chalets. Where necessary additional living space and attractive appearance of the building. The main materials are various kinds of tiles, corrugated, standing seam roofing, slate, copper sheets.

Services of the construction of roofs of the first or second type of roofs, in addition to themselves Roofing mandating construction calculations:

  • calculation of the angle of the plane of the roof;
  • designing truss system;
  • planning of water and heat insulation;
  • correct selection of materials.

Our company has extensive and successful experience, with all necessary equipment and excellent staff. We are ready to develop and implement any projects. And you only have to select the type of roof and contact us!

Pitched roofs

As bearing structures pitched roof used wood, steel or metal formed shapes from sheet steel (thermo).

The main materials used in the device of this type of roof is metal, flexible bitumen, natural tile, standing seam roofing, decking, roofing slate.

"CPC Vector" holds all roofing work and provides associated building services, such as installation of drainage system, installation of snow retention, installation of security elements of the roof, the roof overhangs filing and so forth. Stated in the contract with the customer.

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Flat roofs

In carrying out roofing on flat roofs, in most cases, as a waterproofing carpet used surfaced material or membrane.

Our company, in addition to the quality of the flat roof of the device surfaced roofing membranes and makes installation of the base of the sheeting, parapets, and carries the device discharges, provides other related construction work and services.

LLC "Construction and Production Company Vector" invites all interested parties to cooperate.

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