Facade work

One of the activities of "CPC Vector" facade work at industrial and residential sites, namely the installation of facade systems of various types.

Select the type of facade depends on many factors. Facade is the "face" of the building.

Impression produced facade characterizes tastes host its consistency and at the same time practical. In this case, the facade also plays a functional role, well-chosen materials will serve as a good heat and sound insulation, as well as protect the walls from weathering. Each type of facade and each type of coating materials has its own advantages and disadvantages, the features of installation.

The cost of installation and the concomitant construction work depends on the price of materials and complexity of the project facade work. The price of these services available on the page "Facade works and their value."

To the facade was not only beautiful, but also functional and durable, it must calculate a professional designer, and that he was unique, not only on paper, but in real life, please contact our company. All facade work our specialists will carry on professional equipment, with high quality and warranty.

Our company has all the necessary equipment to carry out the claimed facade works, including power tools, special equipment for cutting and machining of all types of facade materials, timber, scaffolding, site huts in sufficient quantity. The staff has sufficient experience in the field of facade work and is ready to develop and implement any projects.

Ventilated facades

Hinged ventilated facade is modern, the most common currently view exterior finish of buildings and structures, used in both new construction and renovation.

Company LLC "CPC Vector" produces facade works with all types of ventilated facades.

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Facades type wet

Facade work with the use of external insulation systems "wet" type is a relatively new kind of decoration of buildings, but some progress in this area, we have already achieved, so far, though, only in private low-rise buildings.

Unlike systems of ventilated facades, this system has some limitations.

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